California Mandatory eFiling Courts
Primary Fee Schedule
2020 Court Holiday Calendar
2019 Court Holiday Calendar
1/8/2020LASC Changes to the Process to Continue Probate Petition Hearing Dates (Effective 1/15/20)
12/31/19LASC Civil Fee Schedule (Effective 1/1/20)
12/31/19OCSC Notice of Fee Increase (Effective 1/1/20)
12/27/19OCSC Implementation of Local Rule 314A in Civil Cases (Effective 1/1/20)
12/24/19LASC Civil Courtroom Changes at the Mosk and Spring St. Courthouses (Effective Jan, 2020)
9/18/2019 Ventura County Superior Court - Notice of eDelivery Outage
7/12/2019 LASC Probate Div. Announces Changes to eFiling Options for Ex Parte Applications (Effective 8/1/19)
7/12/2019 LASC Probate Announces New Process and Forms for Probate Referee Appointments (Effective 7/15/19)
6/13/2019Riverside Superior Court Annoucing eSubmit Document Submission Portal (as of 7/1/19)
5/9/2019LASC Probate Division to Eliminate Direct Fax Filing of Documents (Effective 6/1/19)
4/4/2019LASC Civil Division's Transition to Electronic Filing (Update)
3/1/2019LASC Family Law Division Announces Courtroom Hearing Changes
2/20/2019LASC Civil Division's Transition to Electronic Filing (Update)
1/17/2019LASC Family Law Division Announces Judicial Assignment Change (Effective 1/11/19)
1/09/2019LASC Civil Division's Transition To Electronic Filing of Complex Cases (Update)
12/17/2018LASC Civil Division's Transition to Electronic Filing (Update)
12/05/2018LASC Probate Div. Announces New Procedures for Electronic Signature and Processing of Court Orders (Effective 12/10/18)
12/05/2018USDC National Day of Mourning - George H.W. Bush - Wednesday, 12/5/2018
12/03/2018LASC Civil Division’s Transition to eFiling (Update-Correction)
11/6/2018 LASC Civil Division to Impletment Electronic Filing (Update)
10/22/18Notice of Reduced Hours in San Francisco Clerks' Office
8/11/2018LASC Civil Division to Implement Electronic Filing
8/3/2018LASC Family Law Division to Post Next Available Hearing Dates for Requests for Orders(Effective 11/15/18)
8/3/2018LASC Civil Division to Implement New Case Management System
4/17/2018LASC Whittier Courthouse to Restore Court Operations on May 21, 2018
3/21/2018Kern County Superior Court - Mandatory Electronic Filing (Effective 4/2/18)
3/8/2018LASC To Open Courtrooms April 16 At Historic Spring Street Federal Courthouse In Downtown Los Angeles
2/16/2018LASC Santa Monica Courthouse Announces Changes to Filings (Effective 3/1/18)
2/16/2018LASC Family Law Division Announces Changes to Judicial Assignments (Effective 3/1/18)
1/31/2018Stanislaus Superior Courts Reduced Clerk's Office Hours (Effective 1/4/2018)
1/30/2018LASC Van Nuys East Courthouse Emergency Temporary Closure
1/10/2018LASC Family Law Paperless Environment For Certain Cases (Effective 2/2/18)
1/10/2018LASC Limited Civil Paperless Environment for Certain Cases (Effective 2/2/18)
1/5/2018LASC Family Law Division Announces Changes to Judicial Assignments
11/17/2017LACRR/CC Affordable Housing and Jobs Act Notice (Effective 1/1/18)
10/31/2017Alameda Superior Court - Shoreline has been relocated to the Oakland Courthouse (Effective 10/31/17)
10/20/2017Alameda Superior Court - Temporary Closure of Court Locations 10/22/17 through 1/1/18
10/13/2017LASC Announces Limited Jurisdiction Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Cases To Be Heard In Every Judicial District (Effective 10/10/17)
10/13/2017LASC Announces Small Claims Cases To Be Heard In Every Judicial District (Effective 10/10/17)
6/8/2017OCSC Notice of Fee Changes (Effective July 3, 2017)
5/2/2017Santa Clara Superior Court To Reduce Office Hours Beginning 5/5/17
4/28/2017LASC Probate Division To Implement Electronic Filing Effective 6/5/17 (Updated 4/28/17)
4/24/2017LASC Probate eFiling: Clarifying Instruction For E-Filing of Ex Partes, Drop Off Ex Partes And Proposed Orders After Hearing (Effective June 5, 2017)
1/27/2017LASC Probate Division To Implement Electronic Filing (Effective June 5, 2017)
1/11/2017San Joaquin Superior Court Clerk's Office Hours (Effective 1/1/17)
1/10/2017Contra Costa Superior Court's Clerk Office Will Begin Rejecting Documents That Do Not Comply With Local Rule 3.42(3A) (Effective 1/17/17)
12/15/2016LASC Central Civil Limited Jurisdiction Unlawful Detainers Changes to Ex Parte Applications (Effective December 15, 2016)
12/9/2016Alameda County Superior Court - Most Court Location Closed December 23 through January 2
9/8/2016LASC Stanley Mosk Courthouse Implements New Fax Numbers in Central Civil (Effective September 26, 2016)
9/8/2016LASC Michael Antonovich Courthouse Implements New Fax Numbers as of October 8, 2016
9/8/2016LASC Central Civil West Courthouse Implements New Fax Number as of October 7, 2016
9/2/2016LASC Norwalk Implements New Fax Numbers as of September 26, 2016
8/3/2016Santa Clara Superior Court - Limited Services Will Continue Due to Work Stoppage
7/15/2016LASC Van Nuys East Courthouse - Implements New Fax Number (Effective August 1, 2016)
7/12/2016LASC Continues Telephone System Upgrade with New Fax Numbers
6/27/2016Ventura Superior Court - Discontinuance of Drop Boxes and Reduction in Electronic or Fax Filing Hours (Effective 7/11/16)
5/16/2016LASC Small Claims - E-Filing Unavailable May 16 Through May 30, 2016
5/2/2016LASC Probate to Require Subsequent Document Filing Coversheet (Effective 5/2/16)
4/21/2016LASC Probate to Implement New Case Management System (Effective 5/2/16)
3/29/2016LASC - Announces Changes to Juvenile Delinquency Courts (Effective 3/30/16)
3/14/2016LASC - To Relocate Some Court Operations to US District Courthouse in 2017
2/11/2016LASC - North Central and NorthEast Districts Announce Changes to Judicial Assignments (Effective 2/8/16)
2/2/2016LASC - Central Family Law Div Announces Changes to Judicial Assignments (Effective 2/3/16)
2/2/2016LASC - Central Probate Div Announces Changes to Courtroom Operations (Effective 2/1/16)
1/7/2016LASC - Online Court Reservation System (CRS) Expansion (Effective 1/4/16)
12/31/2015LASC - Central Probate Div. Announces Changes to Courtroom Operations (Effective 1/11/16)
11/13/2015LASC - Announces Reallocation of Juvenile Court Resources (Effective 12/31/15)
10/16/2015LASC - Online Court Reservation System (CRS) Expands to Collection Courtrooms (Effective 10/19/15)
10/8/2015LASC - NOrthWest District Announces Changes to Judicial Assignments (Beginning 9/14/15)
9/18/2015LASC - Launches New Interpreter Request Portal for Eviction Cases (On September 17, 2015)
9/8/2015Madera Superior Court - Move Announcement (Effective 9/8/15)
8/31/2015LASC - Limited Jurisdiction UD Cases to be Heard at Eight Courthouses (Effective 9/21/15)
8/27/2015LASC - Limited Jurisdiction UD Cases - Hub Filing Locations (Effective 9/21/15)
8/20/2015San Bernardino Superior Court - Victorville Filing & Hearing Location Changes (Effective 10/13/15)
8/4/2015LASC - Status of Pasadena Courthouse (as of Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015)
7/30/2015Sutter Superior Court - Notice of Closure and Relocation (Effective 10/5/15)
7/15/2015LASC Online Court Reservation System Expansion (Effective August 3, 2015)
6/9/2015LASC - Change in Location for Filing Family Law Matters: Nine NorthWest Zip Codes Reassigned to Chatsworth (Effective July 1, 2015)
5/27/2015LASC - South Disctict Courthouse Announces Change to Family Law Case Processing (Effective July 1, 2015)
4/20/2015LASC - Airport Courthouse Changes Courtroom Numbers and Floors (Effective 4/20/15)
1/20/2015CT Corp - Changes Hours of Operation for Service of Process Dept. (Effective 1/15/15)
1/9/2015LASC - Probate Makes Changes at Stanley Mosk Courthouse (Effective 1/1/15)
1/8/2015Ventura Country Sheriff's Office New Edition Instructions Form (Effective 2/1/15)
1/5/2015LASC - Notice of Fee Changes (Effective 1/1/15)
12/31/2014LASC - Change in the Court Reservation System for Personal Injury Courtrooms (Effective 1/1/15)
12/11/2014LASC - Limited Jurisdiction UD Cases to Be Heard at Seven Courthouses (Effective 1/5/15)
11/26/2014Humboldt Superior Court - Reduction in Clerk's Office Hours (Effective 11/3/14)
11/26/2014Riverside Superior Court - Daily Filing Deadlines (Effective 12/1/14)
11/26/2014Santa Clara Co. Superior Court - Reducing Hours (Effective 11/24/14)
11/26/2014USDC - Change to Misc. Fee Schedule (Effective 12/1/14)
10/1/2014LASC - Antelope Valley Courthouse Adopts Online Court Reservation System (Effective 10/1/14)
8/29/2014Santa Barbara County Superior Court Closure - Solvang Div. (Starting Oct. 14, 2014)
8/29/2014LASC Central Civil West - Complex Litigation Judicial Changes
8/29/2014LASC - Stanley Mosk - Probate Div. Bench Officer Changes
8/29/2014LASC Stanley Mosk - Family Law Judicial Assignment Change (Beginning Aug. 18, 2014)
8/29/2014Santa Barbara County Superior Courthouse Closure - Santa Barbara Juvenile Court (Starting Oct. 14, 2014)
8/29/2014Santa Clara County Superior Court - Court Closures (Starting Oct. 6, 2014)
8/12/2014LASC-CCW Complex Litigation Judicial Changes
8/8/2014OCSC - Proposed Orders/Stipulations and Order eFiling Case Changes
8/6/2014LASC - Norwalk Courthouse Introducing Online Court Reservation System (Effective 8/1/14)
8/6/2014LASC - Chatsworth Courthouse Introducing Online Court Reservation System (Effective 8/1/14)
7/21/2014LASC - Requirements for Declaration & Exhibits, Civil Filings, Notice of Related Cases and Petitions to Compromise Filed Countywide
7/3/2014LASC - OSC hearing for Nonpayment of Complex Litigation Fees (Revised)
7/1/2014San Francisco Superior Court - Voluntary eFiling Expands July 14 to Include Nearly All cCivil Case types (Effective 7/14/14)
6/25/2014LASC - OSC Hearing for Nonpayment of Complex Litigation Fees (Effective 8/7/14)
6/5/2014Yolo Superior Court will be Scanning All Documents at Time of Filing (Effective 7/1/14)
3/26/2014San Bernardino Superior Court Valley Reorganization (Effective 5/12/14)
3/26/2014LA Registrar/Recorder New Affidavit of Identity Form
3/26/2014LASC - Central Misc Proceedings Assigned to Civil Dept #44 (Effective 3/17/14)
3/25/2014San Francisco Superior Court - (Reminder) New Local Rules Requires Parties to Obtain Hearing Dates from Court in Advance of Setting (Effective 1/1/14)
2/28/2014LASC North Dist to Resume Handling Unlimited Jurisdiction Personal Injury Cases (Effective 3/1/14)
1/27/2014San Francisco Superior Court Voluntary E-Filing Update (Effective 1/27/14)
1/27/2014USDC Northern Dist E-Filing of New Civil Cases to Become Mandatory (Effective 2/3/14)
1/16/2014San Francisco Superior Court #-Filing Update (Effective 1/27/14)
1/2/2014LASC Notice of Fee Changes - Effective 1/1/14
12/31/2013LASC Family Law & Probate to Collect Court Reporter Fees for Matters Lasting One Hour or Less - Effective 1/1/14
12/23/2013Siskiyou County Court Consolidation - Beginning January 6, 2014
12/18/2013New Earnings Withholding Order Form
12/2/2013LA County Recorder Certified Copy Fee Increases - Effective 1/1/14
12/2/2013LA County Recorder Fee Change - Effective 12/2/13
12/1/2013USDC Central District - Notice re Changes to the Federal Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule
11/26/2013USBC - Revised Official Bankruptcy Form Effective December 1, 2013
11/21/2013Calaveras Superior Court is Moving beginning November 25, 2013
11/19/2013SDSC - List of Documents That Will be Accepted at Filing Window as of 11/19/12
10/30/2013Tehama County Superior Court to Reduce Business Hours at All Red Bluff Courts
10/16/2013Ventura County Superior Court Will be Closed December 23-27, 2013
9/30/2013Stanislaus County Superior Court Extended Clerk's Office Hours
9/15/2013USDC Central District - New Civil Case Cover Sheet
9/4/2013LASC - Long Beach Courthouse Opens as of 9/9/13
8/28/2013OCSC - Order Mandating E-Filing of Probate Papers as of 9/3/13
8/16/2013USDC Central District - Pilot Project for the Electronic Submission and Filing of Under Seal Documents
4/30/2013USDC Central District - New $50 Admin Fee for Filing a Civil Action, Suit of Proceeding in a District Court as of 5/1/13
4/29/2013Notice of Closure of Harbor Justice Center - laguna Hills as of 7/1/13
4/26/2013USDC Central District Reduced Service Days 4/26/13 - 8/30/13
4/18/2013LASC Northeast District General Civil Cases to be Filed in North Central as of 4/8/13
10/31/2011SFSC - Courtroom Closures; Daily Limited Hours as of 10/3/11
8/31/2011Court of Appeal - New Filing Fee as of 8/30/11
4/27/2011OCSC - Centralized Civil & Small Claims Writs & Abstracts as of 4/27/11
4/11/2011Reverside Superior Court - New Civil Law and Motion Hearing Date On-Life Reservation System as of 4/11/11
4/4/2011LASC - Special Submission Requested for Civil Pleading More than 3" Think Filed at Stanley Mosk Courthouse as of 4/4/11
2/14/2011San Fernando Sends Small Claims and Appeals Cases to Chatsworth as of 2/14/11
2/14/2011No. Valley Dist's Civil Harassment TROs Relocated to Chatsworth as of 2/14/11
2/7/2011LASC - Courtesy Copies Requested for Civil Filings at Stanley Mosk Courthouse
2/7/2011New Law Update - AB 2394 Civil Process and Notices
1/12/2011SFSC Oakland - Family Law Division Moves to Alameda as of 1/18/11
1/12/2011SFSC Alameda - Civil Division Moves to Oakland as of 1/18/11
1/1/2011San Francisco Superior Court - Limited Service Dates 2011
11/24/2010LASC - Probate Changes Submission Procedure
11/10/2010OCSC - Open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., M-F as of 11/19/10
11/2/2010SBSC - Clerk's Office Hours Revised as of 11/2/09
10/24/2010Los Angeles Superior Court - Notice of Planned Fee Changes
7/15/2010Los Angeles superior Court - Final Furlough on July 21, 2010
6/21/2010Ventura Co. Superior Court - Counter Filing Changes
5/21/2010LA Co. Recorder - Corrected Increase Recording Fee
10/19/2009OCSC - Reduced Hours of Operations as of 11/06/09
10/19/2009USDC - District Judge otero Relocation
7/31/2009Redlands Superior Court Closure
7/30/2009California State Courts to Close One Day per Month
7/30/2009Superior Courts of CA - Notice of Fee Charges